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WICKEDSPORTSMAN was created to be an influential, welcoming and supportive virtual space for fellow sportsmen & sportswomen enthusiasts. WICKEDSPORTSMAN was first founded on Instagram where I began sharing photos of my son and I, friends, family and neighbors showing off their great catch or harvest. We encourage a growing online community of fellow sportsmen & sportswomen, supporting each other by following their social pages, engaging with them, celebrating their victories and relating to their struggles.


Through the creative process and the growth of WICKEDSPORTSMAN, my passion has been inextinguishable. Being a part of a bigger picture, a part of a team, a community, a brotherhood ignites something within us all. It bring us together. I am having so much fun and always finding new opportunities to teach my son about the circle of life, this beautiful planet and how to respect all the living things which inhabit it.

We all love the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, hiking, camaraderie, and the opportunity to explore. We invite you to join us! Welcome to the family!


Join us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and share with us your favorite stories and tricks for hunting & fishing. Post your pictures, tell your story, and brag a little! See you out there!







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