Welcome to Wickedsportsman

I'm Paul Balukas, the face behind it all. 

I live in southern New Hampshire, a  New England native,  an avid sportsman with passion for the outdoors.  I have a 10-year-old son named Silas.  He is also my hunting and fishing partner. 
We started Wickedsportsman back in 2018,

 I was scrolling Instagram one day looking at hunting and fishing-related pictures.

I also saw some outdoor apparel and that's what gave me the idea of having my own apparel brand, But since I have a passion for both hunting and fishing I wanted to combine them in one logo. Being from New England "WICKED" is a pretty common word.

 I added sportsman with it and here we are, WICKEDSPORTSMAN was born. 

While working on Wickedsportsman I came up with Wickedsportswoman and Wickedsportskids.

I wanted to create a brand for men, women, and kids all with the same logo.

~ Now it's a family thing ~

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