WICKEDSPORTSMAN was created by me Paul Balukas Jr.

a New England native, Avid sportsman with a 10 year old son who is following right behind me in my footsteps.

 I created the logo to combine our love for both hunting & fishing. As for WICKED, its a New England Thing.  as sportsman, We also ride snowmobiles and ATV's. 

I've been riding, hunting & fishing with my dad since I was a kid. I always knew someday I wanted to leave my mark in the outdoor world with something. I thought about having my own brand name on some apparel and other type's of merchandise so I worked at it did my research and off I went. 

Officially Trademarked as of February 9, 2021 

This is now our life together as father and son and its wicked awesome, I have the best business partner.   

Good luck out there Hunting & Fishing! Be safe!

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