Hi !

Welcome to Wickedsportsman

I'm Paul Balukas, the face behind it all here at Wickedsportsman. 

I live in southern New Hampshire, I'm a  New England native, an avid sportsman

with a passion for the outdoors. 

 Wickedsportsman was started in 2018,  

I wanted to create a brand for men, women, and kids all with the same logo and each will have there own name. Our mission is to have the right apparel and gear for the whole family for any and all types of   weather situations while hunting or fishing or just being outdoors. We will be working towards Wickedsportswoman and Wickedsportskids in the near future.  In the mean time we do have some apparel available online for wickedsportswoman & wickedsportskids on our website with more to come as we continue to grow.

Keep an eye out for our Bait & Tackle coming soon.

Come Join the Wicked Fam. 


~ It's a family thing ~

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